We offer a broad range of conservation services including: the documentation and technical examination of heritage, art and related materials;
the treatment of heritage and art objects; and relevant collection care procedures.  Please scroll below for a more detailed list of our services and feel free to contact us for more information.

Documentation and technical examination:
·        Graphical drawing
·        Photography and videography of artworks
·        Environmental monitoring
·        Digitisation of artwork
·        Multi-spectral imaging
·        Sampling
·        Microscopy
·        Historical scheme assessment
·        Photogrammetry
·        Material characterization
·        Research on material working properties 

Conservation Treatment:
·        On-site and in-atelier
·        Emergency intervention
·        Cleaning; dry, aqueous and solvent
·        Graffiti removal
·        Consolidation of paint and support
·        Structural treatments
·        Grouting of delaminated plaster
·        Filling of losses following surface topography
·        Retouching
·        Application of protective coatings

Collection and care:

·        Condition assessment reports
·        Collection Surveys
·        Collection cataloguing
·        Risk and prevention assessment planning
·        Significance assessment
·        Preventive conservation reports
·        Monitoring and maintenance plans
·        Disaster planning
·        Community engagement and outreach
·        Public presentations