What we are Delta Conservation is a private conservation business based in Hawthorn, Melbourne. It is a collaboration between two interdisciplinary conservators who work predominantly on the conservation of paintings, wall paintings, murals, stone materials and built heritage.

Our experience
Our project experience includes work in galleries, museums, World Heritage and National Heritage listed sites, private community engagement projects and within heritage advocacy.

Our process
We are passionate about working on a broad range of heritage materials, and look towards learning and developing the historical aspects of the work we treat. Trained in Australia and Europe, we formulate treatment methodologies unique to each project by utilising a mixture of traditional and contemporary materials, techniques and analyses to ensure a high-quality outcome.

Our aim
While we maintain a strong treatment skillset, we aim to minimise interventive practices on heritage materials and to preserve as much of their age and character as possible. We also aim to increase the awareness of the industry of conservation in Australia.

Ethics and memberships
We abide strictly with the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) Code of Ethics & Practice, The Burra Charter. We are members of both the AICCM and the International Institute of Conservation (IIC).

Community practices
Working with local communities across Australia, India, Italy and Switzerland has instilled in us a strong will to collaborate with and to understand the holistic tangible and intangible aspects of heritage. We believe that conservation is about collaboration, and that developing strategies for sharing and maintaining our heritage is integral to its preservation.